Eat snacks to be thin, the precautions for afternoon tea

Girls all like eating kinds of snacks, but not gain weight, so what snacks can help you to be thin? What are the precautions for your afternoon tea.


1, instant oatmeal

Some instant breakfast cereals, snacks can also be when, because many cereals are high in fiber, low in fat, and added vitamins and minerals, nutrient-rich. Wherein the oat crisp side without adding milk, you can eat. If it is convenient, it can also be added to skim milk into various types of cereal to eat.


2, pure taste Pretz 

Pretz biscuit genus, choose pure flavor without icing Pretz, after all, a good healthy choices. Choose individually wrapped Pretz best, easily noticed when a appetite to eat, eat to reduce the amount of opportunity, and secondly, every time you eat a bag, the rest of the packet can eat later. Pure flavor average a pack of individually wrapped Pretz contains 110 calories as a snack, moderate weight.

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3, clever mix of classic sweets 

A combination of chocolate cream dessert finger cake, raspberry yogurt cake, cocoa mousse, Sigong pancakes because sweets will consume a large amount of the body of vitamin B group, which is to maintain normal metabolism and health of the skin important nutrients.

So, you love to eat dessert, please do not with coffee or tea, sweet solution attempt, but unable to help maintain their beauty and weight. Recommended with fruit juices rich in vitamin B group, such as: lemon pineapple juice, milk, bananas, papaya milk. This delicious dessert you can easily maintain normal body metabolism of calories consumed mechanisms, health and beauty once in place.


4, Modified prime salty

Savory combination of tuna sandwiches, vegetarian spring rolls, Vietnam, India Sa Musa, cheese burger consisting of most of the original material with healthy vegetables vegetarian substitute, greatly reducing the heat. But it suggested that eating salty point, can be used with potassium-rich fruits and vegetables such as: banana juice, orange juice, orange juice or a combination of vegetables and fruit juice together with food, sodium and potassium balance in the body and help to flush out excess sodium ions.


Precautions for tea 

1, afternoon tea you can drink coffee, but if you are a die-hard fan of coffee, so experts suggest may be a cup of milk, sugar, American black coffee. Black coffee cup of 100 grams only 2.55 kcal of heat, and can effectively break down fat, hot drink better.

2, afternoon tea, you can eat cake, drink tea but point chiffon cake or sponge cake will be safer. Remember, do not choose are filling or pastry cakes, because they are high calorie.

3, afternoon tea, you can eat bread, but bread or whole wheat with low sweetness is better. All the bread to toast at least heat.

4, afternoon tea you cannot take 2 day diet questionnaire foods with vitamin, it’s not good for you sleep. But you can take it before you eating breakfast , it can help you metabolism and digestion, help you lose weight soon and effective.

These office snack, help you lose weightt

Snacks to lose weight is to eat goods have necessary equipment, a lot of MS do not know how to eat snacks to help us to make fat burning, weight loss and more good snacks to eat not gain weight, here’s a look at how to lose weight to force it. Except following three types of food, you can also try 2 day diet reviews prevention strategies, help you effectively and easily lose weight

First, honey: detoxification and skin

Honey can be nutrients to various parts of the body
Nutrition experts believe that honey is a set of all the nutrients in a natural food, rich in active substances and water necessary for life activities, Chinese herbal medicine can reconcile Baiyao, which means it can be nutrients to all parts of our body . Eat more honey can not only keep the outer skin, but also within custody organs.
Tips: Propolis Sugar is very recent Fashion beauty of small food, edible wish to buy, the best place of all sugar, sweetened with honey are changed.

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Second, biscuits: crackers low in calories

Soda biscuit contains sodium bicarbonate, you can balance the body pH is the lowest calorie biscuits. That is the same number of grams of the lowest calorie soda crackers lower than whole wheat crackers calories.
Tips: Whether soda crackers or whole wheat crackers can be used as slimming snack, slender body type you want, you try to choose peace honey crackers, heat is relatively low, but cannot eat.

Third, walnut: enhance brain activity

Daily high strength pressure of work, competition is always inevitable, the more competitive the more tragic casualties of brain cells.
Walnut is the most famous brain food – it is rich in N kinds of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants and dietary fiber and other nutrients, especially linolenic acid and vitamin E to improve memory many benefits. In addition, the main ingredient DHA linolenic acid can be converted in the body to the brain, so the walnut is the most suitable and strong mental health snacks.
Tips: The most delicious raw, shelled walnuts, walnut because direct exposure to the air too long will be oxidative damage. In addition, it is best not to eat hot food after processing of walnuts. Because the heat is over 70 degrees Celsius, walnut acid will be destroyed.

Lose weight by eating this food

Do you still envy other people’s good figure? Are you still suffering from a diet? You know, the difficulty of losing weight is different. If you belong to the type of difficult to lose weight, because each person’s physical differences, try the following recommended health diet program for you, you will lose weight soon.


1, Fruit

Fruit is to lose weight to share, apples, banana, kiwi, etc. are weight loss. The apples are rich in pectin, can reduce the absorption and accumulation of fat in the body of waste, its superior bowel action, but also speed up the metabolism, it is very suitable for obese people to eat.


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2, Vegetables

Vegetables are conducive to weight loss, which is that people understand about the truth. Fragment spinach, celery, melon, cucumber and other vegetables is particularly evident. For example, spinach is rich in plant fiber, can enhance gastrointestinal function, digestion, effective treatment of constipation, so as to achieve weight loss goal.


3, Coarse grains

Whole grains such as oats, corn, rice, etc., rich in fiber, can promote the metabolism and detoxification, and increase people’s satiety, help control appetite, can help obese people lose weight.

Remember , you are only one step away from good figure, that is 2 day diet.

Drink plenty of water really can lose weight? Water has that magical?

I have heard of want to lose weight should drink plenty of water and with most effective and safe slimming pills from japan.

Simple H2O really lose weight help? It sounds really good, is that true?

Answer: “.. I do not think the water is directly related to weight loss, however, is closely related to water consumption and body weight,” nutrition expert says Peterson. “Water molecules are not deliberately promote fat burning ingredients (sorry!), But it certainly helps you more deliberately trying to lose weight (hooray!).”


First of all, stay well hydrated deliberately help you avoid overeating. Peterson said: “A lot of people cannot tell their own in the end is thirsty or hungry, most people tend to eat and not drink if you desire a midday snack, to ease the pain of his own hunger, the first drink a glass of water. then see if you are still hungry after 30 minutes. ”

“I hope you know: If you continue to stay well hydrated, this false implication does not occur: Peterson says.

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“Remember that if your urine is pale yellow, it means your body replenish moisture beefed up.”

Of course, in order to lose weight you can drink something other than white water, such as sugar and calorie beverages, there has always been considered the role of diet soda.

But that does not mean you need to guzzle boiled water to avoid dehydration. All in all, the water does not contain ingredients to lose weight, but to lose weight is to drink accelerant. Adequate intake of water is healthy weight loss and maintenance of the system part of a healthy weight. So, let’s toast to the water magic it!


Development: this water detoxification and beauty

When the body of toxins slowly accumulate, the skin wrinkles, dull skin, acne and other problems, accelerated aging woman! “Woman is made of water”, want to slow aging, drink plenty of water can help you correct for clearing the body of toxins.

Aging is the accumulation of toxins in the body start from the cells into an organ, and finally appeared in the external. Water is the most basic and simple way to detox. The right to drink water, so that the body can accelerate vestiges excluded.

The human body is 74 percent water. Water is the nutrient into the cell carriers, but also remove toxins from the body of energy. Want to harm the body from toxins, we must know how to properly drink water.


Cucumber egg diet potent fat burning

Cucumber egg diet: that within a month, with cucumber and eggs every day as a main food. Because in weight loss recipes, the cucumber and eggs are quite slimming materials, so how to eat not gain fat, better to accelerate the consumption of fat and detoxification.


Cucumber and eggs in the end there is nothing magical effect it?


Cucumber: Modern pharmacological studies suggest that, in the fresh cucumber also contains alcohol acid, can inhibit carbohydrate into fat. Cucumber also contains cellulose, to promote bowel movements, speed up the excretion and lower cholesterol have a certain effect. Cucumber low heat, for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes with obesity, is an ideal diet good vegetables, and almost comparable to the meridians of Chinese medicine to lose weight.


Eggs: Egg yolk contains lecithin is an emulsifier, can emulsify fat cholesterol into tiny particles, the use of the body from the blood vessels removed. Eggs can also make high-density lipoprotein in the blood increased to protect blood vessels to prevent hardening.


Under the egg, cucumber and two days diet pill, combining the strengths of the fat naturally nowhere to run! Do not look so simple cucumber and egg ingredients, in fact, can be used with new tricks, enrich your palate at the same time, help you lose weight.

3 color high value diets recommend delicious and slimming

Garlic Salmon Avocado Salad (4 servings)

Ingredients: 200 grams of salmon, comprehensive lettuce 100 grams, 2 avocado, tomatoes 6 garlic 2

Seasoning: lemon juice 20ml, olive oil 60ml, a little salt, a little pepper

1 STEP: After the comprehensive Wash lettuce, hand pull to fit the size of the entrance; avocado, peeled seeded and diced; to wash and cut into small tomatoes; chopped garlic to the film.

STEP 2: chopped garlic sprinkled on salmon skin, then salmon with leather facing down until golden brown, turning it over, continued to fry 6-7 minutes cooked, pot, let cool after salmon peel into palatable size.

STEP 3: lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper into the bowl and mix well, tune into a vinaigrette.

STEP 4: The Comprehensive lettuce into the pot, then put salmon steak, tomato, avocado pieces, topped with vinaigrette is complete.


Carrot soup cold salmon (2 servings)

Ingredients: 60 grams of salmon, onion and 1/2 pieces (about 150 grams), a piece of carrot (about 150 grams), 2 oranges

STEP 1: pot of oil, heat over low heat, until the oil is hot add onion silk, fried carrot slices and then into soft.

STEP 2: After carrot slices fried soft, pour in the water 300C.C, this time the first orange skin grater and put aside spare, bring to boil and then peeled and cut into the orange flesh.

STEP 3: After cook evenly into the blender to break completely free of particles, dishing out and let cool before refrigerating, become cold soup.

STEP 4: To eat the salmon slices and spread in bowl with gas gun bum surface, or slightly before slicing and then frying surface into a bowl, pour cold soup can.


Tender grilled salmon rice ochazuke (for one person)

Ingredients: salmon fillet 80 grams, five grams of salmon roe, brown rice 125 grams, sea Tess amount, fragrant pine amount, chopped green onion

Seasoning: genmai tea 250ml, 5 g mustard, soy sauce 20ml

STEP 1: The brown rice stir-fragrant pine, and the use of the tiger’s mouth angle of the triangle is formed of plastic.

STEP 2: The genmai tea start with hot water.

STEP 3: The triangular rice balls in a bowl, covered with fresh salmon fillets, put salmon roe, sea Tess, and mustard stuck Wanbian.

STEP 4: topped with hot genmai tea will instantly boiled salmon fillet surface, then pour the sauce, sprinkle with chopped green onion can serve


Highly recommend this three delicious and weight loss diet for you, anyway, you are only one step from perfect figure—taking lingzhi 2 day diet pills . You can have a try, worth it.

Let us “jealous” to lose weight now!

Vinegar onion


Vinegar onion natural weight loss method is a good way to lose weight, the benefits are simple, inexpensive, so you need not rigorous dieting and exercise can also be naturally thin down. It can help you burn excess body fat and prevent fat accumulation, and onions are rich in dietary fiber, can help peristalsis of the large intestine.

Ingredients: 1 onion, medium size, about 160-200 grams of natural honey, 1 cup and a half, about 23 ml of natural coarse salt a little.


1 onion, peeled, cut into thin slices. With cold water for a while, then drain in addition to water;

2.vinegar and salt into the pot, heated to 36 degrees Celsius. Flameout, add honey, stirring slowly, it dissolved, add onion;

3.When cool the onion and vinegar in a sealed container, into the refrigerate week later, you can start eating.

Tips: If the fear of acid, increases the weight of honey, or you can substitute apple cider vinegar.

How to eat: eat sooner or later, every time about eating 60 grams, a small dish, if you think too much, can be changed to eat once a day, but the effective time will be relatively long.

Although forced to use this method to lose weight without diet restriction, but still careful to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet, if you want faster and effective, can do light exercise such as walking and so on.

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Vinegar, soy production methods


First pick a good beans washed, dried, and then fry in a pan (20 – 25 minutes more speculation, not Chaojiao), into a dry and cool down after wide-mouth

Bottle (about two bottles of one minute), and refilled on a good vinegar, close the lid, place the shade (summer demand in the refrigerator), a week later you can eat

Usage: twice daily to eat about 10, after mild diarrhea if taken, the appropriate reductions. If you do not like to eat acid, can also be mixed with a little sugar or japan diet 2 day burn with water. Vinegar soy diet strength lies in the body without any side effects in the process of weight loss does not cause dark circles, sagging skin and so on.


Autumn weight loss eat duck dishes

Lower heat contained duck, it can not only satisfy their appetite, but also nourishing the body, early autumn eat duck facilitate rapid recovery slim, the following small series introduces four duck dishes, who with the interest, we speed to onlookers.


Ginger duck soup

Wash the duck pieces, into the pot boiled water for a moment, to remove and wash. Panning clean rice into the casserole in the boiled water will open ginger and duck into the pot with boiling, until a porridge sprinkle a little salt and chopped green onion and serve. This bowl of bland taste, low in calories, regular consumption can easily lose weight.


Potatoes braised duck

Peeled and diced potatoes, diced with wine marinated duck after a moment. The garlic, saute ginger into the pot, and later will duck into the pot and stir fry until the color, which was filled out. Stir fry the potatoes into the pot, after a moment pour the right amount of duck with soy sauce, salt, stir fry until it can be tasty. This dish can produce satiety, regular consumption can contribute to weight loss.


Duck stewed radish

Wash duck clean cut, peeled and diced carrot, the ginger, garlic until fragrant, stir fry the duck into the pot to color, pour them to the pot, add the amount of water, which to duck stew with soft rot, and finally sprinkle a little salt and serve. Delicacies which is able to contribute to the diuretic detoxification, regular consumption can easily thin out the slender legs.


Onion fried duck

The onion cut into strips, duck, cut into small pieces. The garlic, saute ginger into the pot, and later will duck into the pot and stir fry until the color, which was filled out. Into the pot fry the onion becomes soft, and later the duck with salt, soy sauce into the pot, stir-oriented color, turn off the heat consumption. This dish is low in calories, after eating can reduce calorie intake to achieve weight loss purposes.

You want to lose weight, never forget the above dishes and japan lingzhi 2 day diet pill, you will meet the better you soon. lol

What to eat to lose weight the fastest in the morning? (A)

In general, the staple food should eat some starchy foods such as rice, bread, bread, etc., in a timely manner to enhance the level of blood sugar, the body to replenish their energy. You should also add some protein-rich foods, such as milk, soy milk, eggs, blood glucose concentration was maintained at a certain level. You can also add some fresh fruits and vegetables for breakfast, brings a wealth of dietary fiber and vitamins.

Now, I will gave you recommend several breakfast diet recipes.


Mung bean porridge + boiled corn + pickles

Boiled corn, mung bean porridge and pickles match may not see very often, but put them together with food, weight loss is good. Corn is the staple thin, very rich in nutrients, but also anti-aging, but also the body are less likely to absorb dietary fiber. And with the mung bean porridge and pickles, not only can satisfy the appetite, but also for your stomach to a clean-up.


Fruit & Vegetable omelette sandwich

Sandwiches and omelettes with vegetables, fruit juice is a lot of MM like breakfast to lose weight, which is a breakfast rich in protein and vitamins, is the best diet to lose weight. Sandwiches can be used two pieces of bread to make full Maiqie, plus a fried omelette need not put cooking oil. Fruit and vegetables can have a variety of options, such as orange carrot juice, apple juice, melon, kiwi juice, pure, pure cucumber juice are good choices.


Milk bowl of whole wheat bread + two + one egg

Milk low in calories, and are also rich in protein, like eggs, can add plenty of protein, improve Metro metabolism, help to lose weight. Whole wheat bread rich in dietary fiber, satiety strong, very scraping fat. Such a mix of breakfast, let you full of energy, but also help you keep live good shape.

In the morning, you’d better take a slice of natural and healthy slimming pill,2 a day diet pills japan, it will help your metabolism and digestion.

What’s for dinner to lose weight?

Fruit oat meal
Materials: small oil Nianmi right amount, the right amount of fruit oats
Practice: first rice washed, soaked (by soaked rice taste foam); the surface of the fruit oatmeal in meters; m after bowl pour boiling water into the pressure cooker, turn a small fire after the fire ten minutes.
Seafood melon soup
Ingredients: shrimp, Haihong, Clam, melon, onion, parsley, salt, chicken, sesame oil
Method: Wash all materials, melon, peeled, seeded and cut into pieces, onion, parsley and cut into sections, shredded ginger; pot into the water, scallion, ginger boil, respectively, under Haihong, clam boil to open fishing out; then wok shrimp boil shrimp body to bend, after shrimp red fish; the soup pot and then filtered back into the pot, add melon pieces and simmer for about 10 minutes to soften melon; the shrimp boil burns, Haihong, clam into melon soup sprinkle the salt and chicken; boil after instillation of sesame oil, sprinkle with parsley segment can be.
Green bean sprouts fried eel
Materials: bean sprouts 250 grams, 100 grams eel, red pepper, green pepper, ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, salad oil, the amount of starch
Practice: eel washed with boiling water boiled, picked up after the cut wire, red pepper, green pepper seeded shred; bean sprouts, red chilli, green pepper and silk together with boiling water boiled, picked up after stand; pan put a little oil, saute ginger into the next, all the raw materials into the stir fry, seasoning, hook thin gravy can be.

Follow the steps above, you will be a good chief, haha, at the same time, do not forget taking the natural and healthy slimming pills, japanese lingzhi diet pills , it has no side effect, and will have good result to you.